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Cummins Generators

1. The Right Engine for Any Job Cummins diesel generators have a stand-alone capability grade. The diesel Generators Range from a few kilowatts of ten to countless kilowatts. A generator is useful in powering when power stops working. Cummins makes a large range of generators from 7 Kva for house use to 3000 kva for Industrial usage.

Cummins family diesel generators can be easily moved and are silent gen sets. The best series of Generators for your home variety from 7.5 kVA-15kVA, 30kva-75 kva and 160kva-250 kva. With engines horse power varying from 50-1200 hp, you will definitely find the right Cummins diesel generators for your specific needs. Cummins generators are available in machinery including: a) Household/Residential- Cummins property generators use powerful backup options.

Range Of Cummins Generators

Cummins Generators range from 30-60 kW.This is power which is more economical. They are designed to Be Quiet, effective in operation, compact style and with remote diagnostic capability. The models desirable for household needs are the Cummins series C25 D6, C30 D6, C35 D6 and C40 D6 b) Commercial mobile Generators-Cummins Onan Quiet Diesel Generators are a sturdy choice quieter than other diesel-powered generators. Approximately 15 dB (A). The systems are absolutely enclosed, consisting of consumption systems, muffler, and cooling systems. c) Roadway Construction, Earth Moving bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, Products Handling -forklifts, cranes, terminal tractors and Other Industrial Applications. Cummins Horsepower generator sets (> 1MW), are developed for a vital standby and to provide emergency situation backup for prime power to applications such as health care, water and treatment plants, manufacturing, mining and big industrial buildings.

Cummins Generators Series

Cummins generators set QSK78 series engine, Model DQLE is a High Horsepower generator set controlled by digital control innovation that integrates with elements of the overall power system which are easily set up to meet the power generation requirements of each circumstance. d) Marine: Marine Model QD 50 Hz 80 kW.The Cummins Onan brand leads in producing long lasting marine generators sets. The digital series consist of quiet diesel designs which offer smart power with a user-friendly medical diagnosis. 2. Worldwide Supply Network Cummins supports consumers throughout the world in more than 190 countries and across 6 continents it has a network of 7,200 dealers and 600 distributors.

No matter where you lie Cummins is close by for a quick supply and low lead time. 2. Proven Innovation Cummins built their very first diesel motor in 1919, and since then people have depended on this tested innovation for truckers, farmers, medical facilities, information centres and more. Cummins generators utilize on technology to manufacture the most cost-effective, quiet and lightweight designs.

Cummins has actually boosted its items through years of experience and customised to match environments. Cummins offers the power needed for every equipment while maintaining emissions standards set for your operating area. 4) High thermal effectiveness. Cummins produces low fuel consuming diesel generators. Consumption varies with operating conditions. They are agile and reach full power within a few seconds. The upkeep operation is clear and brief.Cummins Diesel Generator setup and established clearly laid out in the manual.The remote diagnostic ability for some of the generators has made it a lot easier to figure out any problems.

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